FAQ Central Idaho Public Lands Collaborative

  • What is the Central Idaho Public Lands Collaborative (CIPLC)?
    • The CIPLC is an organized group of diverse stakeholders whose mission is to develop recommendations for the management of public lands that reflect the needs and desires of the general public and to then provide those recommendations to the Salmon-Challis National Forest (SCNF) during the revision of the SCNF’s Forest Plan, and eventually the regional BLM plans.
  • How/when did the CIPLC get its start?
    • Between November 2015 and November 2016, Central Idaho citizens gathered to discuss public lands planning on 19 occasions, in 7 different communities near the SCNF, with more than 180 individuals attending one or more meetings. Citizens interested in further participating as a group to engage in active and open conversations, became known as the CIPLC in August of 2017.
  • Who are the members of the CIPLC?
    • Farmers, ranchers, recreationists, business owners, natural resource professionals, and other citizens who live, work, and play on the public lands of the SCNF. A roster of participants can be found on our website.
  • How do I learn more about the CIPLC?
    • Visit our website! Salmon Valley Stewardship acts as the CIPLC’s coordinator and facilitator, so if you’d rather talk to someone of the phone, you can call (208) 756-1686 and ask for Mindy or Toni.
  • Why haven’t I heard about the CIPLC or the Forest Plan Revision until now?
    • A rigorous effort has been made to outreach to local communities by advertising public meetings dates and webinar events. Largely outreach has been by word of mouth and we are working diligently to get the word out. The CIPLC and SCNF continue to hold public information meetings and working group meetings, which anyone is welcome to attend.
  • How do I find out when and where Forest Plan Revision and CIPLC meetings are happening?
    • Advertisements of Forest Plan Revision meetings show up in the local newspapers, in fliers at local Forest Service offices, and on SCNF’s website. You can find out about CIPLC meetings on CIPLC’s website or by asking to be added to the CIPLC’s email distribution list.
  • What if I want to join the CIPLC? Is it too late?
    • It’s never too late! New people indicating they wish to commit to long-term participation with CIPLC’s involvement in the Forest Plan Revision process are asked to first attend 2 CIPCL meetings, as an observer, at which point they can be voted into membership by the rest of the CIPLC group.
  • I don’t want to join the CIPLC; I just want to know what they are up to. How do I do that?
    • The CIPLC posts meeting notes, group documents, and formal recommendations on their public website. You are also welcome to show up to meetings to observe the CIPLC at work.
  • I heard there are no elected officials on the collaborative. Is that true and why?
    • It is true. Elected officials are special cooperators with the Forest Service and already are providing input through special channels. The collaborative is non-elected members of the community who want a collaborative approach.  

Other Resources

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